G62: Rangers come back big time to win , 4-3

Wow. I mean, wow. First off, nothing before the 9th inning mattered, except Brandon McCarthy pitched pretty well. Baby steps, I know.
Then the ninth. Francisco Cordero came in, got two outs, and then we were down to our last strike. Wilkerson got on. Then the fun began. We were down to our last strike in three or four straight batters, they all got on somehow. As Josh & Tom were pointing out, Cordero probably had a bunch of negative things in his mind in this park and all that – because he has been totally unhittable this season, being very Gagne in his prime like. Until tonight, Cordero had only given up one run all season, and had not blown a save. Well, tonight Cordero blew a save, and gave up FOUR runs for the Ranger win in the bottom of the ninth. It was quite amazing. I admittedly knew the score beforehand, but I had to watch that even though I knew how it ended. It was still pretty darn cool to watch.
And on the night where Teixeira went to the DL. Speaking of moves, I found it odd that today’s roster moves had two position players coming onto the 25 (Wilkerson, Metcalf) and the two roster subtractions were a fielder (Tex), and a pitcher (Loe). This tells me that another roster move is due in a day or so when we bring up who will take Loe’s spot on the roster.
We also acquired Adam Melhuse from Oakland for cash – that will probably work better than Chris Stewart as a backup, plus there’s big connection to Ron Washington too. I’ll just wrap it up with these two pictures:


  1. Jeffster says

    That was an awesome win. As soon as Marlon Byrd came to the plate, I got a big smile on my face that still hasn’t come off. At that point, I felt like the Rangers were going to win, but even if they didn’t, I was going to be happy anyway for the effort. But it’s all the more sweet that they got it done in the 9th. :)