G58: Rangers go out huge early, hang on for 7-4 win

I don’t have time to write a ton here as I got too busy at work today.
But it was interesting being up 5-0 after the first five batters, and then 6-0 after the first seven batters. It was quite an interesting sight to see Detroit’s starting pitcher be pulled after six batters. That was a surprise.
I was also surprised at our ability to hang on like we did – we did add a seventh run late, but that was a long time “hang-on”, there. :)


  1. Matt says

    I got surprise tickets to this game, Section 20, Row 11. These were by far the best seats I have ever had at the Ballpark. We had a great time. My seven year old son was actually getting interested in how the game is played and some very minor strategy. (Baseball is easy until you explain it to a seven year old!) I certainly enjoyed seeing the starting pitcher get knocked out with 6 earned runs, with no outs. An ERA of infinity! It was a bright shining moment in a really dismal season.