G50: Rangers lose, swept by Sox on Sunday 6-5

It shows you were fans are with this team that I didn’t even watch this game. I had it on my TiVo, but I didn’t even watch a frame. After spending some time at church today, I came home, and decided I was going to play Uno on Xbox Live, and then some Super Paper Mario on my Nintendo Wii. I then took a nap. All of those were more enticing than watching the Rangers this day.
I missed another frustrating ending. In looking at the box score, Kameron Loe actually pitched well enough to get the win, but our supposed “lock ’em down” back end of the bullpen (Otsuka & Gagne) faltered pretty big this game.
We tried to come back, scoring some runs in the bottom of the ninth, but it wasn’t enough. This was game 50, and our THIRTY SECOND loss of the season so far. It’s the first time I looked at the standings in awhile, and was quite surprised to see we were 18-32, with a winning percentage of .360. EVEN THE KANSAS CITY FREAKIN’ ROYALS HAVE A BETTER RECORD THAN THAT! That’s some serious shame right there.
Only one team in all of baseball has a worse record, that was the Cincinnati Reds at 18-33, and that’s only one game away.
Anyone up for a game of Uno on Xbox Live?


  1. Jeffster says

    That’s too bad. You actually missed a pretty exciting game. I felt bad for Aki though. He really didn’t pitch poorly, those Red Sox hitters are just totally dialed in. When a team is struggling, you just have no margin for error. You should be able to survive blowing a lead like that from time to time, but as it is, the Rangers can’t.

  2. says

    I know you did not watch Sunday’s game, but there was one bright spot in the 4th inning. Catalanotto hit a comebacker to the mound. The pitcher rolled it to Younklis at first. Josh & Tom just could not believe it, and added a bowling sound effect for the replays. Then the two of them started throwing in some Cricket terms. They figured the pitcher had been planning for it for maybe even a couple of years. It was really pretty funny. Younklis had to cover his face with his glove he was laughing so hard.