G46: Rangers lose to Twins, 7-1

The Rangers lost to the Twins, 7-1.
Sammy Sosa had a solo home run, his career 598th, accounting for all our offense. Ian Kinsler & Mike Young both had two hits. Kinsler a single and a double, and Young a single and a triple. Nothing happened with them. That was it for our offense.
Johan Santana was pretty masterful outside the Sosa home run. He went 7, for a total of 21 outs. 13 of those outs were strikeouts. In seven innings. We then struck out five more times for a franchise record 18 strikeouts in a nine inning game. We struck out so many times, you’d think Brad Wilkerson was up there every at bat. :)
There really wasn’t a lot to write about with this one.