G45: Rangers score 14 again, beat Twins by 12

Yeah, OK, you have to do math in my title for this entry. But if you’re reading my website, then you probably will already know the score of the game before you came here anyway.
Where do I start in talking about this? I was at the game, and sat through a 28 minute rain delay that started during player introductions. It wasn’t so bad since I was in the 200 level, and you’re pretty well protected there, plus the food is better than the regular food stands I think. Even if it’s not the place just looks better. :)
Padilla started off looking like the 1-63 record he had, tossing 31 pitches in the first inning, but surprisingly only allowing one run in the first. His overall line was pretty decent, going 5.2IP, giving up just two runs on 5 hits with two walks. He was one out away from a quality start, when his hand got grazed by a batted ball, and he was pulled from the game. Padilla did throw 99 pitches, so he was probably coming out of the game after the sixth anyway, but it would have been nice to see him get the “qs”. Willie Eyre followed Padilla to the mound, and did give up two runs, but both of them were unearned. Frank Francisco & Aki both pitched scoreless innings to finish up things. Overall, it was good pitching. 9 innings, just two earned runs, and no home runs.
Can’t say the same for the other side. Carlos Silva stunk up the joint going 4.1 innings, giving up 7 earned runs on 9 hits and one walk. As bad as that was, the guy who followed him used even less deodorant, as he stunk up the place even worse! DePaula went just one inning, and gave up 7 runs of his own (6 earned) and two home runs. One was a grand slam to
Fortunately, the grand slam came when Victor Rojas was doing play by play, so we got to hear Vic’s grand slam call, which really does sound like he’s about to jump out of his booth and flail around while on fire or something. Either that, or scream so hard, his lungs will come out of his mouth. Vic gets very excited about his home run calls. :)
We had a few other home runs, too. Frank Catalanotto had solo shot in the second in his first at bat off the DL. Nelson Cruz also had a solo shot. Sammy Sosa almost had one, and had it been July or August, he would have. Sosa did have two doubles. Lofton, Cruz, & Laird also had doubles. Like last night, with 14 runs on the board, there’s plenty of offensive stats to share. Every starter had at least one hit, but nobody had more than two, so it was well scattered. Somewhat amusing that the three subs (Diaz, Kata, & Mahar) all were hitless, so the 15 hits we did get were all starters.
I did sit through the entire game, as I have only been to three games so far this year, which is very unusual for me. By the time the game was over, I had moved around to the area right under the radio booth, and said Hi to Vic. As I was listening to the game on the radio, it was quite weird to watch him talk, and see the voice come through my radio just a split second later. They’re not truly live, although it’s much better than the 7 second or so delay they had last year. The delay seems like one second, although Vic said at the start of the season it was two.
Speaking of Vic, I know he reads my site, so here’s a link for ya big guy :)