G42: Rangers beat Astros in Houston, 7-4

Well, after the team left Orlando with just about every Rangers fan in existence feeling about as bad as you can probably feel, they headed to Houston to begin the first of six annual games against the Astros; Interleague play is back. I like Interleague play. Victor Rojas does not. It’s a good thing then that mlb thinks (they actually may) make more money during these games, that means it’s a lock that it won’t go anywhere.
Before the game started, we got the news that Hank Blalock is going to have to undergo that same “remove a rib” surgery that Kenny Rogers did a season or so ago. This will sideline him for quite awhile, they say 10-12 weeks or so, but realistically, it’s the season, I would think. Couple that with the fact that they put him straight on the 60 day DL, you figure it out. They don’t expect him back any time soon. So the parade of new callups continues. I have more roster pages to make. :)
Robinson Tejeda turned in a good outing. He took a no hitter into the sixth inning, which was busted up by Craig Biggio – no shame in that. Odd though that you take a no hitter into the sixth, don’t survive the inning, and only give up one run (which was actually given up by Scott Feldman). Just seemed odd that he would be brought out then. But Tejeda got the win, going to 4-3, with a season ERA of 4.53. Not awesome, but not as godawful as some of the other ERA’s we have on our staff. Frankie Francisco followed Feldman and gave up two runs (on top of Feldman’s run), and made the game feel closer than it really was. For the first time in ages, this FELT like a game we should win. Which is amusing, giving how hapzardly the lineup was put together (or so it felt).
Offensively, we were led by Ramon Vazquez, the callup from a day or so ago. In what I believe is his first action as Ranger, he went 3-4 with a home run. Actually, now that I look at the stats, he had one RBI, and one run. The solo home run. So his 3-4 wasn’t really THAT productive, but 3-4 always looks good in the box score. Nelson Cruz and Sammy Sosa both had two RBI’s, as did a few others (Vazquez, Lofton, & Young). The five spot in the third was the backbone of this game for us. Was nice to see that up there. And on the road no less, which I think brings our road win total this year to two. ;)
Also, Eric Gagne got a save. It was only his second opportunity all season, and this was Game 42. Bleargh.
With all the injuries, we’re about to see some strange lineups going forward. I wonder if all those changes will have any impact on our bottom line.