G36: Rangers lose to Colon & Angels, 6-3

This was a game I only peeked in on – as it was a day when I was watching Samantha (mommy was at work), I only got to see a few pieces. I did get to see the lone really good bit, which was Texeira’s home run, and I saw Kam Loe take his frustrations out on a water cooler in the dugout. Overall, it was the typical loss to the Angels. :(
Bartolo Colon returned from the DL to pitch against us. He wasn’t that dominating – in fact his line was pretty pedestrian for him against the Rangers. He went 6IP, 5H, 3ER, 2BB, 6K. Decent stuff, but not totally dominating. The three Angel relievers didn’t allow any runs, so they kept things in check – as they usually do.
On our side, Kam Loe was not terribly good the first two innings. He gave up all 5 of his earned runs there, but after that, settled down, and didn’t allow any more runs until he exited the game after the seventh inning. That sounds very Chan Ho Park like. On the positive side, Loe didn’t allow any home runs.
We did have three more errors, one of which led to an unearned run given up by Otsuka in the 8th. Is it me, or do we have way too many of those in 2007? Seems higher than usual, but I haven’t had the time to do the research to look that up.