Tuesday’s game rained out

I was driving around listening to the pre-game in my truck, figuring that either the game would be cancelled before it started, or it would be one of those ones they play in the rain, as it wasn’t raining very hard at the time.
It was officially cancelled right before first pitch time. Eric Nadel said that it would be made up as a doubleheader some time in July, which is the next time the Mariners are back here. That will likely be a day I go to, as I always go to doubleheaders. Gotta love the free extra game. They haven’t announced which date yet.
We’re off to Cleveland. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot about Sosa again, as it’s the only active MLB park he hasn’t hit a home run in. I’m sure we’ll also hear about all the games postponed already up there due to snow and other bad weather.