Good for him. Bad for us.

The San Diego Padres signed Chris Young to a four year contact extension today (details), through 2010. The Padres hold a team option for 2011. This would replace his current contract if my math is right, as a four year extension through 2010 would also include the 2007 season. I’m still not thrilled at his not being here anymore, we really could use him, but there’s not much this Rangers fan can do about that. I’ve already gotten mad over this one enough. :(
In the press release, Kevin Towers called Young “one of the elite pitchers in the game”. He’s a great pitcher yes, but I don’t know if he has enough track record to be called “elite” quite yet.
So good for Chris Young that he got a nice payday. Bad for us.
UPDATE: Saw the breakdown of the contract terms, which I detailed on his roster page here.
2011: $8.5 Million (Team option, could be worth more based on performance)
2010: $6.25 Million
2009: $4.5 Million
2008: $2.5 Million
2007: $750,000 (was originally $600,000 before 4 year contract signed on Apr 10, 07)

Chris Young