G9: Rangers drop finale of series to Rays,

I didn’t write about this when the game happened, and as I sit here Friday afternoon, I don’t have much time to write either. I’ll just go with a few short remarks that would probably sum it up anyway.
At the time, I remember thinking “This must be the Tejeda that the Phillies decided they had enough of”. He still looked good overall, had a bad inning, but that’s what we saw a lot with when Chan Ho was here.
Michael Young broke out big time, with two home runs. That was good.
Kameron Loe was the best he’s been since the season started.
Jack seems to have found a good home as a reliever, which is nice, as you always kind of want one of your own to stick around and do good. I’ve said some ugly things about him in the past on this site, but it’s nice to see him figure it out.
We did only get five hits TOTAL all game, which (again) is not good.