G2: Rangers lose again to Angels, 8-3

Well, Vicente Padilla was not very good. Vladamir Guerrero was very good. That’s a really condensed version of the game results. I watched most of the game, but got too tired, and had to bail out – I was starting to fall asleep.
Thing is as I look at the box score in the morning, I didn’t realize just how ineffective our offense was. We had only four hits the whole game. We SHOULD have had one of those bizarre line scores where you had 6 or 7 runs and four hits. But we couldn’t follow through. Loaded the bases again and did nothing. Still have no hits with runners in scoring position, although we did get a sacrifice fly. Game 1’s loss didn’t bother me too much, since it was you know, “game one”. But this one was a bit worse.
Padilla was ineffective, although I really thought he was going to plunk Guerrero. Speaking of him, can we please WALK THE GUY? Why the heck are we pitching to him at all? He should be walked every single time he comes up to the plate. I mean why let him beat us over and over again anymore? Heck, even Buck Showalter walked Bonds with the bases loaded, I think we’re at that point with Vlad. Just walk him, no matter what. Box score said we did do that once, but he should have been walked EVERY time.
Ian Kinsler had another home run, and it was a no doubter, looked really great off the bat. As was said on TV last night, if he keeps doing that, I wonder how long he’ll stay down in the nine hole. He’s better “protection” for Teixeira than Sosa is at the moment. :)
Kenny Lofton continues to be what he was brought here for. He looked good to me, and he had a nice swing I thought on his double to right field.
Two more errors for the Rangers, that’s never good, and it’s worse when you consider we have four errors in two games. Blech.
My wife really liked the Red Angels alternate uniform. I’m a bit indifferent towards them.