G12: Rangers blown out by Mariners, 14-6

Well, I was really sick this day. When I came home from church, I lied down on the sofa, and did not move for over five hours. I did turn on the game, but I was asleep for most of it, so I’m not going to write much, as I missed it all. Doing a commentary just on the box score when you lose 14-6 isn’t much fun.
Brandon McCarthy was rather Chan Ho Park with his pitching. 6ER in 2IP. Ugh. Even Mark Clark wasn’t that bad! (Yeah, I know, two Mark Clark references in two games) Course none of our pitching was really when you give up 14 runs.
Offensively, the real high point was Ian Kinsler’s 9th inning home run which led (I’m sure) to his being named AL Player of the Week (link).
I did TiVo the thing, but I saw the score, and wasn’t interested in watching any more. I just turned it off, and went back to sleep on my couch.