G11: Rangers lose sloppy affair to M’s, 8-3

If I wasn’t sure before, I was now. This is the Vicente Padilla that wore out his welcome in Philly. We got the random hit batter (which we used to talk about with Chan Ho Park, too). Padilla went 6, which was more than I thought he was gonna get. He gave up 6R (4ER) on 6 hits and three walks during that time. Didn’t look at all like the guy who went 15-10 for us last year. He turned in another Mark Clark effort.
CJ Wilson didn’t fare much better, going just one frame, giving up 2ER on a home run.
Seattle starter Miguel Batista was pretty good, given all the time off he had with the snowouts in Cleveland that the Mariners had to sit through.
Course, we gave up three errors, which is never good. Even Kansas City or Pittsburgh could beat us that way. Heck, the kids who play in the Jr Rangers ballpark next door could have probably beat the Rangers.