G10: Gagne activated, saves game for Millwood, 5-2

Let’s see, we’re in Seattle, so watching the game on TV means..
1) Remark about weather – check.
2) Clip of train running behind ballpark – check.
3) Josh & Tom “pretending” to not notice the clip is taped – check.
4) Shot of old guy with blue hat in the stands – check.
5) Demolition footage of the Kingdome – check.
6) Great pitching by the Rangers seals the win – check. Wait, WHAT?
Eric Gagne was activated off the DL today, and immediately got in the flow of things. Kevin Millwood started the game, and while he wasn’t as crisp as I’d seen him in the past, he certainly got it done when he had to. It resulted in a great line for him, 6 innings pitched (only 82 pitches), 7 hits, and just one run. Benoit, Otsuka, & Gagne followed, and didn’t allow any runs, which is the way you draw it up. Combined, we had 9IP, 2ER, 11H. More than enough to get the job done.
Speaking of getting the job done, Ian Kinsler continues his great spring. He went 2-3 with 2RBI, and a run scored, with another home run (his club leading 5th). Mike Young was 2-4, and Matt Kata was 3-4. We only had two more hits total outside of those above, so it wasn’t a dominating offensive performance, but we had enough to get it done.
I didn’t see Gagne, unfortunately, as I fell asleep watching the game; when you’re sick you can’t force yourself to stay up as late as you want. :)
EDIT: I was reminded that Benoit did give up a run, but that’s what I get when trying to read box scores when I should be in bed sick. :)
EDIT 2: Thanks to commenter James for reminding me about the Kingdome footage being shown all the time too. Don’t know how I forgot that.


  1. Michael Babin says

    Actually, Benoit did allow a run. All in all though, he pitched pretty well.
    Loved the checklist.

  2. James says

    Joe, you did forget one thing on the list. The demolition of the old stadium.
    I love that clip also.