Colby Lewis

Most Rangers fans remember Colby Lewis, the hard throwing pitcher the Rangers had for awhile in the majors from 2002-2004. We lost him on a waiver claim to Detroit, and I recall there being a lot of fans up in arms about that at the time. He’s not done much since then, in fact, he spent all of 2005 injured with the Tigers, and in 2006, he appeared in three games with the Tigers before being DFA’ed in mid September 2006. I wonder if he got a share of the World Series money with the Tigers. Anyway, I digress.

The Washington Nationals fan site Capitol Punishment just published an article on Colby. Colby was picked up by the Nats this past November 6th on a minor league deal. The CP article on Colby had this to say:

It’s hard to say what the Nats should expect from Lewis. He’s clearly got a solid track record in the minors, and he showed an ability to adapt post-surgery, but we’re left with an ungodly track record of performance in the majors.

Kind of sounds like the same feelings a lot of Ranger fans had when he was here. Great potential, couldn’t seem to put it together in the bigs. Check out the article. Also, I have several other teams’ fan blogs listed below. Check out the menu on the right side of the page, and scroll downwards. I have some links in there you might want to check out.