2007 Hall of Fame & Texas Rangers

With all the talk about Cal Ripken & Tony Gwynn and the HOF vote, it feels like Pete Rose has released another book this week, as all I hear about when I turn on ESPN or XM is folks talking about Mark McGwire. He didn’t get in. Ripken & Gwynn should be all we’re talking about, and AGAIN, we’re talking about the controversy. Sigh.
Anyway, I decided to see how former Ranger players did on the ballot. Here’s a list of all the players on this year’s Hall of Fame ballot who ever played for the Rangers and what they got in terms of vote support:
Goose Gossage: 532 votes, 71.2% (just missed)
Bert Blyleven: 260 votes, 47.7%
Harold Baines: 29 votes, 5.3%
Orel Hershisher: 24 votes, 4.4%
Jose Canseco: 6 votes, 1.1%
Ken Caminiti: 2 votes, 0.4%
Bobby Witt was also on this ballot, but did not receive any votes at all. The complete list is on this page which talks about Mark McGwire and this year’s vote over at mlb.com.]