Rod Barajas

In a bit of good news for the Rangers, it appears Rod Barajas has signed a one year deal with the Phillies.
This is a good move for the Phillies, as they have some stud kid catchers, but they’re not mature enough to handle the full time job. So a one year is good for the Phillies in that regard, as Carlos Ruiz and a kid with the last name of Jaramillo are apparently the (somewhat near) future.
This is a good move for the Rangers, as it puts to rest that rumour from a few days back that the Rangers were thinking of brining him back. While I liked Rod when he was here (my fav moment was that home run to beat the Yankees at home – I was there), I felt it was time to part. Laird deserves the job, and we don’t need him back as a backup, nor do I think he’d want that.
This is a bad move for Rod Barajas, as he… well… He probably screwed himself with the deal in Toronto, that was probably a better deal in terms of years and stature, I would think. As much of a Phillies fan as I am, I would think it would have been better for Rod in Toronto. Of course, I’m just a guy at a keyboard in Garland Texas, I’m not the actual player. :)