G109: Rangers win in 12 innings at Anaheim, 7-6

This game went 12 innings, and it’s quarter after 1 in the morning. I’ll write about it tomorrow.
In the meantime, here are some raw notes I took while watching the game, I’ll make this more cohesive tomorrow. :)

I ended up getting really busy at work and didn’t have time to expand on this. In a way my raw notes are a different kind of report, I guess. :)
Great throw by Matthews in the 6th to nail Cabrera at the plate in the 6th. Millwood stop on a ball hit baack to him in 6th to end inning.
Millwood had some great curveballs going in this game, he looked really sharp.
Three hits by Matthews
Guerrero keeps his streak alive, 43 games. Home Run. What a shock.
Mike Young – league leading 38th double.
Hector Carrasco in 7th. Three pitches, three hits – single, double, single, run in. Tex followed with a double, then Carrasco is out with 0.0 IP. JC Romero, comes in to pitch, then Blalock bounced it into the ground and way up for another single and an RBI, and then he’s out. In comes Brendan Donnelly, and gets a double play and a grounder to end the inning.
Bottom of the 8th. Awwwwww SHIT!
Extra innings. Tired.
Figure out who it was earlier in the game who swung at a pitch at his head to end the inning, promtping much laughter from Josh & Tom. — Juan Rivera, also HR guy in 8th.
Millwood deserved better, the way he pitched.