G108: Rangers win series finale against Twins, 10-2

Here comes the calvary.
In an afternoon game on Wednesday, the Rangers opened up the offense again and beat the Twins to win the series with a score of 10-2. The calvary arrived in the form of Kip Wells from the Pittsburgh Pirates. OK, it was more than him, but when a guy you trade for makes a start and gets a win, it’s always a good feeling.
Wells, who I sort of knew as I pay attention to the Pirates somewhat due to my wife being from there, wasn’t someone that terribly excited me. Yes, it’s help. Yes, it’s major league help – but Kip Wells spent time on the DL this year, and was 1-5 before coming over from Pittsburgh this year. Last year, he was 8-18 with a 5.09 ERA. Year before that was 5-7 4.55. So he’s not exactly a true saviour. However, he’s probably good for now.
He only went 5 innings today, giving up seven hits and just one run, but got the win. Our four relievers combined for 5 hits and one run, so that was good work there.
Rick Bauer is looking more like a guy who can keep the job he’s been handed with Cordero out of town now.
Mark Teixeira led the offence with two home runs. We also got our mlb leading lead in doubles extended with a total of 4 more in that department. Mark DeRosa seems to be heating up again, and Gerald Laird is getting a lot more playing time. My gut feeling says that Barajas is not here next year, and Laird finally gets his chance to be the #1 starter in 2007.
And I couldn’t end this without snickering at the name of the starting pitcher for the Twins. Boof Bonser. I know he legally changed his name to that some time ago, but it’s stll worth a snicker even at age 40. Buahahaha. :)