G106: Twins unload on Rangers 15-2

The Twins open up a seriously large can of whoop-ass on the Rangers tonight, beating them 15-2. There’s very little positive to say about this game. Let’s see what I can find.
Rick Bauer pitched one scoreless inning of relief.
Nelson Cruz got his first major league home run.
Mark Teixeira hit a home run.
Not much else.
The “bad” list is signficantly larger than that. There’s not enough time to write about all of that, but a few of those “high”lites…
The Rangers gave up a 5 run first.
The Rangers gave up three seperate 3 run innings
Carlos Lee had his first ofer in a Ranger uniform.
The Rangers are in last place now.
After thinking a bit more about the Matt Stairs trade, I’m not as “WTF” about as I was when it was first announced. He can probably help off the bench, he’s better than my initial remarks said, but I still find it an odd move. Course that’s more an indictement (sp?) of Brad Wilkerson’s failure in 2006 than anything else.
Matt Stairs got beat 15-2 two nights in a row in two different uniforms.
John Wasdin was designated for assignment to make room on the roster for Matt Stairs, so we’re told. Makes me wonder who will go off the 25 for Kip Wells tomorrow.