What a soggy mess

Well, today we had a day night doubleheader. The day game was technically a rainout makeup game from a few weeks back, and tonight’s game was the regularly scheduled game.
About half an hour ago, tonight’s game was postponed. As of right now, they’re still supposed to play the technical makeup game from the first part of the doubleheader.
The regularly scheduled game for tonight (which is now not being played) has no makeup date left. It’s amusing, as the games a few weeks back had two makeups. One was today, the other one was a date in the future (which I can’t recall at the moment). That game was also as I recall on one of the lone common off days the two teams had. No clue when they’re gonna make up the postponed game from tonight.
Tomorrow, perhaps? Course we then have to come back home for a 6PM game in Arlington on Monday. Yeesh, what a mess.