Getting caught up

Well, as I said a couple of days ago, I’ve been busy, and haven’t had time to update the site. My company released a new game demo (Prey, go check it out, although it is a “Mature” rated game). As such, my time was big time elsewhere. I missed a few games totally, as well as only half paid attention to the ones I did see. As such, I’m summarizing all the missed games in a quick update here. Just for completeness’ sake, I guess.
Jun 17 – Beat Diamondbacks, 8-4: Matthews, Young lead team, going 2-4 each. Team hits for the cycle. Koronka gets a win. Of the 5 Rangers pitchers, Ron Mahay is the one with the most experience, and he was in the minors for awhile this season.
Jun 18 – Beat Diamondbacks, 10-7 for the series sweep. Kameron Loe was not good at all, giving up 4ER in 2.1IP. He goes on the DL after this start. Cordero blows another save; gets win. Mike Young goes 5-5 in the DH slot. Team hits for the cycle again. First three batters (Matthews, Young, Tex) have a combined 9 hits (out of the team’s overall 15). Nice to break out the brooms.
Jun 19 – Off Day
Jun 20 – Lose to Padres, 6-5. Mark Teixeira had a spectacular defensive game. He had what looked like a game winning walk off home run, and was screwed by first base umpire Bill Welke. That’s pretty much what people remember about this one.
Jun 21 – Lose to Padres, 3-2. Bill Welke strikes again. This time he’s behind home plate, and blows a call on a play where Michael Young scored, but was called out. Given we lost by one run, that was huge. Former Ranger pitcher Chris Young returns and pitches well against the Rangers. Also had former Rangers Eric Young & Adrian Gonzalez in tow. And I know it’s childish, but I still giggle like an 8 year old when I hear the name Barfield.
Jun 22 – Win against Padres, 5-3. John Rheinecker survived this game. He did get the win, but gave up eleven hits in 5.1IP to go with two walks. He’s lucky he only gave up two runs with all that. Still more doubles for our insane doubles rate this season. Cordero doesn’t blow a save. Blalock, Matthews, Young all 2-4. Nice to salvage a win before going on the road.