G77: Tex screwed by umps twice in same week, Rangers lose 5-3

Tom Grieve probably had to restrain himself from swearing over the air. He seemed cheesed off. As well he should be. The Giants ought to put out a bigger food spread for the umps or something, as they owe them for this, big time.
I only saw the end of the game, as I had some work work to do tonight – I saw just the ninth inning. What a fiasco that was. Man. I don’t know how to write about this game. Yeesh.
UPDATE: Tom Hicks apparently has discussed this situation with Bud Selig. Details here.


  1. Disgusting. This is one of the most pathetic displays of umpiring I’ve ever seen. And it seems like everyone except the umpires knows it. I hope some sort of disciplinary action is taken after this game, and not against anyone who got ejected either. I think Buck said it best.
    “Showalter was asked if he expected suspensions to arise from the two incidents.
    “For the umpires?” Showalter asked sarcastically. “No, none at all.””