G76: Rangers drop series finale to Rockies, 3-0

Vicente Padilla didn’t pitch bad in this game at all. He went 6 innings, gave up three runs. Should have been enough for a win. But it was not. In fact, just the first one would have been enough, as the Rangers were shutout by the Rockies, 3-0.
After Padilla, Bryan Corey & Rick Bauer each pitched an inning, giving up no more runs.
However, against Byung-Hung Kim, Jose Mesa, & Brian Fuentes, we could manage only 5 hits (all against Kim). Two of those hits were by Jerry Hariston (both bloops over the second baseman as well, not hit well).
That’s the story of this game. No offense. In Coors Field. Humidor be damned, I want my 30 runs a game in Denver back!