G74: Rangers beat Rockies 8-6

First game I’ve gotten to watch completely in awhile, although I spent most of the time actually perusing my company’s public forums for contiuning reaction to our game release a few days ago. :)
This was a Coors Field game. Lots of offense. It’s not like the score was 19-14, but 8-6 is still a decent amount of offense. It didn’t start out that way. Through five innings, the score was a pretty non altitude assisted 4-1. Then the floodgates opened in the sixth inning. Check out what happened in the sixth for the Rangers:
- M. DeRosa struck out swinging
- M. Young grounded out to shortstop
- M. Teixeira doubled to deep left
- H. Blalock singled to right center, M. Teixeira scored, H. Blalock to second advancing on throw
- K. Mench singled to center, H. Blalock scored
- G. Laird doubled to deep left, K. Mench scored
- I. Kinsler intentionally walked
- J. Botts hit for J. Koronka
- S. Dohmann relieved J. Francis
- J. Botts singled to center, G. Laird scored, I. Kinsler to third
- G. Matthews Jr. grounded out to second
And that was just the sixth. It was a bit more flashy in the seventh.
- M. DeRosa popped out to shallow right center
- M. Young doubled to deep center
- M. Teixeira homered to deep right center, M. Young scored
- H. Blalock homered to deep right center
- K. Mench grounded out to second
- G. Laird struck out swinging
Blalock’s home run there was the 100th of his career. John Koronka got the win, but just barely. He was pulled for a pinch hitter (Botts, who got a single), and we took the lead before Scott Feldman came in to replace Koronka. The shine is off Koronka from the great start he had, but he’s definitely a servicable starter, so that trade worked out pretty well.
We added five more doubles this game (Young 2, Laird 2, & Tex). We have about 900 so far this season it seems. There were the aforementioned home runs by Tex & Blalock (going back to back). In all we had twelve hits, and while it wasn’t pretty, we got the win.
That’s all that matters.

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