G68: Rangers beat Diamondbacks, 5-3

This game was about Kevin Millwood.
I was supposed to go to this game tonight to get the giveaway (the Build a Bear Bear) for my daughter, but I couldn’t go – my wife got sick, and it was better if we didn’t go. If anyone has an extra one of those, and wants to take pity on me, please let me know. :)


  1. James says

    Joe, good luck getting that Bear. I was at the game and tried to get one for my 2 year old niece. I went down after the 5th inning hoping to find them still giving them away.
    I walked past every gate on the property and there were none to be had. I was sitting in Sec 329 and when the game was over I walked around looking to see if anybody accidentally left one.
    I was there with our music department from church and I tried to bribe our bass players son out of his and that didn’t work.
    Those bears must’ve been a pretty hot item last night. They’re going to have Build-A-Bear Night Part II somewhere down the road in a game against KC (I think).