G64: Rangers dominated by Contreras; lose 8-3

John Koronka did not pitch well. He gave up hits to 8 of the first 11 batters, and then, well – it was too late. Well, actually it wasn’t, but the game felt out of hand almost immediately. Especially when going up against someone like Jose Contreras.
We had 32 at bats, and only got 6 hits out of all that. Barajas had two hits, and nobody else had more than 1. Barajas did have a two run homer in the fifth to make the score 6-3 at the time, but even then the game never felt that close at all. Just felt like we lost the game in the first inning.
Koronka stunk up the joint, giving up 6ER on 9H with 3BB over 4.2IP. Ugh. Benoit also gave up 2ER in his 3IP. Bauer finished up with 1.1IP and didn’t give up any runs, but by that point it was all over.
It’d be nice to blame it on a lack of rest after the travel fiasco involved in getting out of Boston after a DH, but I wouldn’t actually believe that.