G62 & 63: Rangers split DH with Sox

After the rain on Saturday, we actually played a doubleheader on Sunday. Given I have several games to update tonight I won’t write a lot about each.
Game 1: The early game started at 11AM, which means I didn’t see much of it. I was at church when the game started, and since I had something scheduled to do in the afternoon, I didn’t have the time to watch all of this game, in fact, I only saw less than an hour of this one. But this game can be boiled down to essentially two home runs. Kevin Mench jacked a two run home run ove the Monstah off Josh Beckett which broke a 2-2 tie. The game was going well until the ninth inning when Otsuka blew a save, which has been rather unusual this year. It was however on a three run walk off home run to David Ortiz. Giving up a home run to Ortiz isn’t that unusual, but the game felt like ours – even when we were just tied. Just “felt” like we were going to come back and win. And that did happen, until the final pitch of the game. Here is the MLB.com update for this game.
Game 2: When Game two started I was in a movie theatre in Plano seeing the new Pixar flick Cars on a DLP screen (which I highly recommend over a conventional movie theatre). I didn’t get to see this game until later in the evening, and I accidentally saw the score before I finished watching ghe game, so that got ruined for me. I then flew threw the game in about 20 minutes on TiVo.
We had SIX more doubles this game. But outside those doubles, we had 16 more hits this game, all singles apparently. Mark DeRosa was 4-6, Tex was 3-6, there were hits all over the place. All of our starters had at least one hit (Matthews & DeRosa each had four). This one was a nice bounceback after the major disappointment of game one. Given I saw so little of teh games today, I’m gonna leave it at this, but since this was all about offense and numbers, I suggest checking out the box score below and reading that. Here is the MLB.com update for this game.