G61: Rangers beat Sox 7-4

After a few attempts to play, and after a rather lengthy rain delay, the Rangers and the Red Sox finally got a game in on Saturday. As just about every angle of the game’s weather conditions has been covered, I’ll try not to write about that.
Johnny R pitched for us (I still have a hard time typing in and getting right the name Rheinecker), and didn’t pitch as good as his first couple of outings, but then again, nobody else has pitched like that, either. Rhein went only 5.2 innings in this one, giving up 3ER on 9 hits with three strikeouts. With those kinds of numbers, I’m surprised he didn’t give up more than three. Given the odd timing of the game due to weather, I didn’t get to see all of it; but from what I saw, he seemed what his line indicated – just “OK”.
However, right after that came Bryan Corey. When he was called up, I made a snide comment about him, not exactly rude, but not exactly pleasant, either. However, at least for this game, he silenced all critics. He faced four batters, struck out all four of them. I did see this, it looked great. Obviously that kind of record won’t hold up, but wow did that look good. :) Cordero & Otsuka followed up, and Cordero gave up a run, Otsuka got the save.
Offensively, we were led by Blalock & DeRosa, who were 3-4 & 2-5 respectively. The remainder of the team garnered just four hits collectively. Blalock had a home run off of former Sox closer Keith Foulke in the ninth inning. We also had three more doubles, which really seems like our strength this season.
I wrote the above text on Monday night around 10:30PM, so my memory is a bit foggy. I did write some text on Saturday when this originally happened; that text is here:

Rangers beat the Sox in the one game that was actually played today. I’ll have something about it later. Wouldn’t mind a free hot dog or two, though.
The other one that was supposed to be played today was postponed and there will be a doublehader tomorrow. The first game starts at 11AM Dallas time, and the second at 4PM (presuming there isn’t a 16 inning game or something).
Both games will be on Fox Sports Southwest according to Josh Lewin during tonight’s game.
Here’s the official Rangers press release.