G60: Rangers lose to Red Sox, 4-3

Well, we lost our second game in a row, 4-3 to the Red Sox. While no one ever truly likes losing, this 4-3 loss to the Sox is far more pallatlable than that complete stinkbomb in Kansas City the night before. Mr Yuck, indeed!
I had forgotten the game started at 6PM, so when I was driving home from work, I tuned in about 6:50 for the pre-game stuff, and the game was in the bottom of the second, and we were down 3-0 already. Not a good way to start. We did pick up a couple when Michael Young jacked a Tim Wakefield ball over the Monstah for a two run home run. That was pretty much it for offense, save for an RBI single by Hank Blalock over closer of the year Jonathan Papplebon in the 8th. In all we had eight hits, half of them by Gary Matthews & Mike Young. The other four were scattered amongs four players who got one each. We did get two more doubles tonight (DeRosa, Matthews) to extend our MLB leading lead in that category.
Vicente Pidente Padilla took the mound for us tonight. His start reminded me of Kevin Millwood’s the other day – not dominating, in fact bordering on falling over the edge, but when you look at the total line, it was a decent game, and that’s the bottom line, I guess. Well, no, wins and losses are, but that’s not completely under the control of the pitcher. Padilla went 7 giving up 3ER (all in the first) on 9 hits, 6 strikeouts, and one walk. Not a bad outing at all.
Still, it ended up as a loss. We go into a day night doubleheader saturday. I love doubleheaders. I hate day night doubleheaders, though. Especially at home. Blech. Speaking of that, have the Rangers ever done a day/night doubleheader? I can’t recall one in recent memory – can you?
I’ll say this, Sox fans seem to really love Kevin Youkilis by the reaction of them to just about anything he did. I always wished we had some guy like that where the whole place got excited about no matter what. Been awhile.
Anyone think that we’ll extend Gary Matthews & Mark DeRosa at the end of this season? I think Matthews has played himself into a possible long term solution in center. As much as I like Laynce Nix, I can’t argue against what Matthews has done up here – sustained success is something Nix has yet to achieve, unfortunately.
Anyone think that the thing with Jason Grimsley sounds like something from a CSI episode or something? There seems like a lot more “drama” then there has been with some of the other big names that have gotten in “trouble” (unofficially, of course)?