G53: Rangers bombed by Mariners, 14-5

Mama said there’d be days like this.
There’d be days like this momma said.
OK, it’s game 53, and we haven’t had much in the way of total shellackings. There’s always a handful of those you have to suffer through in a season. Nothing much good generally comes out of them. This night was no better.
No one escaped. We sent four pitchers out there (Koronka, Benoit, Bauer, Wilson), and all four of them stunk up the joint, although Benoit the least of them. The combined line for the four pitchers was 9IP, 18 hits, 14 earned runs, 6 walks (although none by Koronka), and 6 strikeouts. Koronka gave up the lone home run allowed by Ranger pitching.
The only good bit was in the fifth inning when Gary Matthews Jr hit a grand slam, I believe our second in two days. I also seem to recall that we now hold the major league record for grand slams or something in 2006.
As ugly as this game was, we still took two out of three, and a series win is always good.