G34: Rangers blown out bigtime on Tue, 15-5

I think the picture to the right about sums up this game in several ways. I don’t think I really need to explain it, do I? I mean, if you’re gonna lose, lose big. Losing 15-5 is pretty big, although it didn’t even feel as close as 10 runs for most of the game. Felt like 20-0, almost instantly. And yes, I took the easy way out and watched something else. Was watching E3 coverage, as my industry’s trade show is going on right now in Los Angeles.
Justin Morneau hit two home runs and drove in 6 RBI’s. Millwood just raised his ERA about 1.6 to 5.1 by allowing 9ER on 9 hits in 1.1IP. That can’t be good for the ol’ ERA. :) Thing is, none of the 4 relief pitchers we threw out there (Bauer, Feldman, Alfonseca, & Wilson) had clean slates. All gave up runs (although Wilson’s was unearned).
We stunk hard. However, our home streak of games without any home runs is over – Mench & Blalock had home runs.
I’ve said this before – if we’re gonna lose THIS bad, it might as well be something REALLY interesting and we lose 27-3 or something like that. :)