G33: Rangers down Twins, 6-4 on Monday

While we won this game, I felt bad about it. The reason was that I was completely disgusted with the Yankees series. We couldn’t do a thing against the Yankees. Then we beat the Twins, who are floundering. It just confirmed what happened in the Yankees series to me. Now if this game had been against the Red Sox, or the White Sox, or even the A’s, I would have felt better. But the Twins are 13-19 and should have lost. No accomplishment there. :(
I didn’t get to see the game, as I had forgotten it started at 6PM. My TiVo at home caught it, but I turned on for the pregame show on my way home from work, and got the game, so I listened. No score while I was driving home, but when I got home, ate dinner and all that, I discovered that my TiVo had picked up the ESPN feed of the game, and not the local coverage, so I didn’t watch anything, which at this point was in the 7th inning. I ended up doing family stuff, so I barely saw any of this one. 6PM ESPN really mess with me. :)
Hank Blalock had an odd line. He went 4 for 4, but had no runs scored, and just one RBI. Mike Young was 2-3. Mark Teixeira was 2-3 with two runs scored, and Gary Matthews was also 2-3. Phil Nevin led with 2 RBI, and no one else (Tex, Blalock, Mench) had more than one – the 6th run not coming on an RBI.
John Koronka (who I’ve had on 7 of my 8 fantasy teams for about a month now) contiunues to be solid for us. He went 6.1IP, giving up 7 hits and 2 walks for 3ER. Not as sharp as he’s been in the past, but still “technically” a quality start, and certainly well enough for the win. Benoit followed up with 1.2IP of shutout ball, and Otsuka got the save, after giving up a run.
But a win is a win, even if it doesn’t feel like the greatest win, because it was against the struggling Twins.