G9: Rangers now 2-7 after a really annoying loss Tuesday

I had a really nice writeup in my mind. Bauer was far FAR better than I was expecting him to be. We got some power from Hank Blalock, who had two home runs. We had double digit hits, we had some timely stuff. We had some really great defense – that DP by Brown in right was spectacular.
I did like the move Showalter made by taking Wilkerson out of the #1 slot. I liked moving Kinsler up to 6th (Wilkerson 7th).
But we had ass for pitching in the bottom of the ninth, and we blew it completely both from the pitching side, and the defense dropped the ball allowing the winning run to score. Given the way momentum was going, it probably would have scored anyway. But the way we lost was highly annoying. Just irritated me. 2-7. I’m not giving up by far – it has to be a couple of months for me to do that, but wow is this disappointing.


  1. Kelly says

    This game was horrible to watch.
    I like Coco enough that he’s on my fantasy team. However, I’m starting to really doubt his ability now. I think all that money we gave him a couple offseasons ago has gone to his head, and made him laaaazy.