G8: Early season misery continues in Anaheim; Rangers lose 5-2

Ugh. This wasn’t pretty at all. Only five hits. Two errors. More strikeouts, now 2-6. Only high point was when we were up 2-0 on Phil Nevin’s home run in the first inning. After that, ugh…
Hank Blalock did have a double in the 9th, but it didn’t matter for anything. Kinsler batted .500 for the night and walked, so his on base percentage went up further. :) Loe wasn’t sharp at all, tossing 26 pitches in the first inning, and then giving up all 5 Angel runs over 5 innings. Feldman & Shouse pitched 3 scoreless innings in relief, but it didn’t matter, since we couldn’t do anything against Lackey, Shields, & Rodriguez.
I’m never one to push the panic button too early, but it doesn’t feel good at all. There’s plenty of time, PLENTY of time, but ugh. Can we bat Ian Kinsler nine times in a row, and pitch only Vicente Padilla?


  1. Eric says

    While I agree with what you are saying about Loe in the first (although his defensive ability led to the 26 pitches), if Mench makes a play on the Erstad flyball in the 2nd, the game is at least closer and potentially allows Loe to get a quality start. However, since we can only muster 5 hits against Lackey, maybe we lose 3-2 instead of 5-2. This team is already becoming frustrating to watch. How long can they have their leadoff guy striking out 90% of the time? Dare I say bring back Sori?

  2. Chad says

    Agree with what you said and i would just like to add Kevin Mench is the worst baseball player on the Texas Rangers and being a huge fan of this team and judging by the early early early performance so far that is saying alot
    Kinsler is easily the best player by far so far.
    Plus i love what Nevin is doing
    Padilla looks absolutely wonderful