G6: Rangers shut out 7-0 by rookie pitcher

Justin VerlanderFor the last few years, I’ve always said that I hate it when the Rangers go up against rookies, or guys who have only pitched a couple of games in the majors. You’re supposed to score 8 runs in the first inning against guys like that, but we always seem to get shut down. Tonight was one of the latter.
The Tigers tossed Justin Verlander against us. Wow, did he look electric. As good as Curt Schilling and Josh Beckett looked against us a few days ago, Verlander looked better. He only allowed two hits over 7 innings while striking out 7 and walking two. Brad Wilkerson himself struck out three times this game. The only two hits we got at all were singles by Nevin & Blalock (who comitted his second error of the season already). The Tigers threw two relievers for the last two innings, but the game was over by then.
The reason it was over was that Kevin Milwood pitched more like the other bit name Scott Boras pitching client we have a recent history with and not the 2005 AL ERA leader. Milwood gave up four in the first frame on his way to giving up 5 total (4ER) runs on 8 hits over his six innings pitched. Although most of the damage was done in the first inning. Take that out, and he wasn’t too bad, but you can’t forget about the first, it happened. And it was enough. Hell, the first run was enough the way Verlander pitched.
Still, despite now being 1-5, I’m nowhere near ready to panic. I’m sure we’ll see an article by someone saying that it’s because Jaramillo isn’t here that we’re not hitting. There will be Internet forums where people will give up on the season completely, and radio call ins on Monday saying the season is over and start talking about how the Cowboys will go 16-0 because of Terrell Owens. Don’t panic. Wise words from the late Douglas Adams.