G3: Rangers lose frustrating game to Sox, 2-1

Wow. That was one seriously good, but seriously frustrating game. A lot was written about Josh Beckett’s American League debut at home in Texas. A lot was written about how Beckett would dominate this game. And he did. He’s a good pitcher, I expect that. What I don’t think most people were expecting is that Kameron Loe stood toe to toe with him and was beating Beckett for most of the game. The Rangers went up 1-0 in the first inning and it stood that way until the seventh.
Loe was actually better than Beckett was, but the game’s difference was a home run Loe gave up in the seventh inning to Trot Nixon. That was the game. It was a shame, as Loe was brilliant. My heart sank on that, because I felt he deserved better than that. We couldn’t come back against the Sox. We came close against Mike Timlin, but Mark Teixeira was thrown out at the plate on a hit that I didn’t think we should have tried to score on. Oddly enough Boston didn’t bring in their closer (Foulke) to close out the game. They brought in Jonathan Papelbon. That raised a few eyes, I’m sure.
It was amusing to see Manny Ramirez stike out on some more high cheese for the second night in a row.
I hate writing about games that we should have won but lost due to one small thing. Sigh.


  1. Kurt C. says

    you can’t fault tex for bad baserunning…steve smith was nowhere to be found on that play