G22: Rangers drop a maddening game, 6-4

I was really feeling high on this game. I did something I never do – I did an update during the game. Kevin Mench had another grand slam, giving him a home run in six straight games, setting a Ranger record.
However, we went into the ninth with the lead, 4-3, and Buck Showalter decided to let Cordero get back on the horse after yesterday’s disappointing loss. Then Cordero gave up another home run, to let the game get tied. We couldn’t pull off any more runs, yet gave up two more in the 10th, and we lost the game 6-4.
As high as I was over Mench’s record setting grand slam, the loss at the back end was extremely disheartening. It reminds me of when we were in Cincinnatti a couple of years ago and Coco blew a few saves, a few to keep Rogers from winning 20, if I remember right. So shortly after the game, it was announced that Cordero was being “relieved” of his closer duties for the time being, and Otsuka would get that job. It’s probably not the end of the world, but when you change your closer, it’s never really a good thing.