G20: Rangers pen drops game to A’s, 3-2.

Well, what was good? Kevin Milwood pitched shutout ball.
Well, what was bad? Kevin Millwood only pitched five innings. The Stars also lost a game late tonight. :(
Said it before, will say it again. You can’t walk 7 batters in a game and expect to win. Although, as I recall, most of the guys who walked didn’t score. Millwood walked 6 batters in five innings, and none of them scored. The other one was by CJ Wilson, who did give up all three runs, although I can’t recall at the moment if his walk scored. Probably did.
Take out Wilson’s inning, and we did not all that bad. But we didn’t get enough offense, even though Kevin Mench tried, going 3-4 with a home run, and getting both our RBI’s. A frustrating game. Sigh.


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    Yep the Wilson’s walk was 1/2 of Swisher’s 2 Run HR.
    I agree that we didn’t get enough offense. Particularly when you think back to the opportunites we had in the 6th and 7th innings.
    Tough loss, but it feels good to still be 10-10.