G13: Rangers beat A’s on Sunday, 5-3

This was definitely two games in one. The first game seemed to run from the start till the seventh inning. It was a great pitchers duel. Kameron Loe went 7 innings for the Rangers, giving up one unearned run on 5 hits. Dan Haren went 8 plus innings, giving up 1 run on four hits. A good pitcher’s duel.
Then it got into the bullpen. Otsuka did not do well, giving up a couple of runs in .2 IP. However, Houston Street was terrible, giving up FOUR runs in his .2 IP in relief. THat was the difference. We did have a couple of home runs in the game late for the win. One was a two run shot by Tex, which wasn’t a surprise.
However, the other one was far more comical, envoking memories of Jose Canseco’s ball off the head home run. Milton Bradley had a ball hit by D’Angelo Jimenez in his glove, and then “pushed” it over the fence for a home run. If he hadn’t have touched that ball, no home run, but the only reason Jimenez got his first Ranger home run was thanks to Mr Bradley. It was pretty comical to watch. :)
Not much else to say about this one, as today was my daughter’s first birthday, and I watched this game in about 20 minutes in high speed on the TiVo. :)
Our first series win of the season. That’s good.