G12: Padilla homered to loss, 5-4

This game can be summed up in just a few words. Padilla. Home Run.
While obviously more went on in this game, it will hinge on the fact that Padilla gave up three consecutive home runs to the A’s in the 6th. In all, Padilla went 5+ innings, gave up 8 hits (four of which were home runs) while walking one and striking out four. Obviously not his best start with us. Jack Benoit and CJ Wilson combined to pitch the other three innings, and didn’t give up any more. Sure, we could have scored more runs in the final three innings, and didn’t. But it just felt like the game was over in the sixth inning.
On the other side of things, the A’s pretty much kept us in check. In the entire game, we had just five hits total. One of them was a three run home run by Phil Nevin. We never got much sustained offense in this game.
As I said before, home run. Padilla. Game over.