Salary Arbitration Figures

Well, the 11AM deadline passed, and we had a flurry of signings on Tuesday. Mark Teixeira, Adam Eaton, & Brad Wilkerson all signed, avoiding having to file arbitration numbers. However, several other Ranger players did actually file numbers. Here’s the info for these players:
Gary Matthews Jr:
Player: $3M
Club: $2M
Kevin Mench:
Player: $3.05M
Club: $2.45M
Vicente Padilla:
Player: $4.8M
Club: $4.1M
Former Ranger Alfonso Soriano requested the highest dollar amount of any player who actually filed. He asked the Nationals for $12, with the Nats offering $10. Here’s a complete list of all the figures for every player.
The hearings are from February 1st to 21st, but I don’t know what the projected dates for the three cases the Rangers have before them are.