Kenny’s out again

Well, I get to report about this in my “Former Rangers News” category.
Kenny Rogers won’t be back in 2006. The Rangers have taken the rather interesting step of saying that they won’t offer him a contract in 2006. There’s a story about it on the Rangers site.
I find the timing interesting. It could be genuine, or part of a plan to reduce the salary request. If Kenny goes into the off season too far w/o a deal, it might end up with a Twins type of thing where he takes reduced money. If NO ONE takes him, we could bring him back. Remember, John Hart said that we weren’t interested in signing Chan Ho, and we did. :) Still, my gut feeling says he won’t be back, although where he’ll end up, I don’t know.
Are there any former Rangers who are still playing that aren’t in some sort of trouble or contract squabble or something? Pudge is complaining in Detroit, Juan’s still hurt in Cleveland, Raffy’s got his steroids fiasco, & now Kenny has his contract situation. I guess Julio Franco’s not making any noise in Atlanta. :)
UPDATE: Jamey Newberg has a great writeup on the Kenny Rogers situation, and several issues relating to it. If you haven’t already checked it out, do so here.