G150: Rangers sweep M’s beind 8-6 win on Sunday

I didn’t get to see any of this game. If you read my commentary for Saturday night’s game, my wife and I were holed up at a motel a couple of miles from our house due to our AC being broken. We got a call in the middle of the morning Sunday on my cel phone from the AC repair guy who wasn’t scheduled to come out until Monday morning. He says he can make it out. So I flew over to the house, and got the AC repaired. After we were all done with that, I went back to the motel, at this point we were about 30 minutes away from checkout time, and getting billed for the second day. We had a majorly huge scramble to get all of the stuff for us, the baby, and our two cats out of the motel and into the truck to get back home. We were fortunate that we got done in time. When we got home and finished unpacking, football was on, and I started watching the two games I had TiVoed on the Sunday Ticket package. As I pay a lot for that package, I feel compelled to watch them.
We’re all back home and safe, and cool. Which is good given the current heat wave we’re having here (to those reading outside the DFW area, it’s about 10-15 degrees above normal for this time of year, we should be at 82-85, and it’s around 95-97 now). I’m grateful for the guy who nice nice, friendly work for me on a Sunday morning no less. I didn’t get taken too, which was always good. :)
Anyway, about halfway through I realized the Rangers game was on as well, but at this point the game was already over. We got a sweep which let me use my sweep graphic which I haven’t done in awhile. The win also got us back to .500 which is a big goal. Now I wanted two games above .500 which seems reachable now. There’s twelve games left in the season. 3 vs the A’s, 3 vs the Mariners, and 6 vs the Angels. To finish 2 over .500 we’ll have to go 7-5 over that span. Doable, but with 6 against the Angels, one never knows.
Mike Young watch: 1 for 4 with 2 runs scored. Hitting streak at 16 games.
Phil Nevin watch: Still on the bench, still whining about it.
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