G146: Rangers win in 10, 7-6

Usually on day games during the week, I don’t get a good listen because I’m busy doing something at work. Well, on this one, I forgot the game was even on until it was two hours into the game. I turned it on, but only got to listen for about 5 minutes, and had to bail – too busy at work yesterday. I had the game on my TiVo at home, so when I got back home from my bowling league I turned it on and watched from the bottom of the 9th onwards. Kind of nice watching the end of a game knowing you’re gonna win. :)
But we can thank David Dellucci here, for his pinch hit, two out, bottom of the ninth, two run, game tying home run. That’s pretty much what this game was about for me, not having seen the vast majority of it.
Again, attendance was listed as 18,077 – it looked like half that from what I saw on TV.
We’re back to four games under .500. There’s 16 games left in the season, and to reach my goal of two games over .500, we’ll have to go 12-4 over the remainder of the season, which is unlikely, as six of the 16 are against the Angels. Even ending at .500 will require 10-6. Ugh.