G144: Rangers drop Mondays’ game to O’s, 4-2

Another game I didn’t watch much of. It was Monday Night Football. I was doing the same thing that I’m sure Kevin Mench would have been doing had the Rangers been off, watching the Eagles on Monday Night Football.
It was surprising to read in the local press that Rafael Palmeiro was “sent home” to rehab an injury, and then when his team gets here, he doesn’t hang out with them. Seems odd – I’d be stunned if Raffy plays another game with Baltimore. Sosa wasn’t there too, probably for mostly the same reason, they’re doing better without them. Sosa & Raffy was one of the primary reasons I wanted to see the Orioles in town this year. As it stands, it’s a couple of fading teams playing a mostly worthless game in mid September.
This game was mostly lost on a big two run error by Kevin Mench in right field. Edison Volquez went 4 innings, and gave up just 1 earned run (3 total, due to that error). But the real reason I suppose was Baltimore starter Daniel Cabrera, who only allowed 2 earned runs, and the 4 relievers who followed him gave up none. Mike Young kept his hitting streak going with another hit.
No home runs, though.