G142: Rangers lose again to the A’s, 5-4 on Saturday

This was one of the windier nights I’ve been to at the ballpark in quite a long time. And thanks to Mr Hicks’ quest for more money, the A’s won the game tonight. I speak of course of the jet stream created by the Gold Club behind home plate. It most DEFINITELY gave Dan Johnson a grand slam in the second inning. He hit a ball to right that was admittedly well hit, but was NOT a home run off the bat. Watching Mench glide backwards and keep going was an “uh-oh” moment. In fact, I said that as soon as he hit the ball, and I was right. Wind assisted grand slam. Where have you gone, Tom Schieffer?
Anyway, other than that grand slam ball that shouldn’t have been, I thought Kameron Loe was good. If you take away that hit, his record would have been 6.2IP with 7H and 1ER, but that’s not how it played out. He gave up 8 hits and 5 earned runs. I felt he got ripped off by the conditions. His apparent appendage reliever CJ Wilson came on and finished the game, with 2.1IP and no hits, no runs. But we couldn’t get it done against their pen. Witasik, Rincon, & Street didn’t give up any runs. Oakland starter Joe Blanton did give up 4 though.
Our home run barrage continues unabated. We had three (Young – 1st, Dellucci – 3rd, Teixeira – 6th). I forget what the number is at the moment, but we’ve set a new team record for “home” home runs. At the rate we’re going, we will pass the all time major league record. Fat lot of good that does. But remember, chicks dig the longball, and they’ll come to the park and spend money in the Gold Club, right?
My wife said the other day I seem more sarcastic than usual lately. I don’t see it, do you? ;)