G130: Dominguez outduels Buehrle; Rangers win 7-5

The kid vs. the Cy Young winner. That’s how I started the report on Sunday’s game. It’s close to being the same for Monday’s game, too. Juan Dominguez vs. Mark Buehrle was not something you expected a positive outing from, but that is definitely what we got. Here’s another comparison of pitching lines:
Dominguez: 8IP, 7H, 2ER, 2BB, 3K
Buehrle: 7IP, 9H, 4ER, 1BB, 4K (3 unearned runs, too)
These lines just feel “backwards”. But we’ve gotten good young starting pitching recently, and that’s good. I think the goal now should be to end the season at .500.
We got to Mark Buehrle early, scoring two in the first, another in the second, and then three more in the fourth. We capped the scoring with an additional run in the fifth. Buehrle didn’t seem sharp at all, and then came out in the press afterwards claiming the Rangers “cheat” at home. That seems like whining about losing to me. I’m not claiming any team is beyond cheating, but to claim the other team cheated right after you lost just strikes me as sour grapes. The White Sox didn’t help themselves either by comitting four errors in the field, and allowing three unearned runs. That’s probably where the difference in this game was.
Tex continues to be hot, going 3 for 4 with 2 RBI’s in this game. One of the RBI’s was his 100th, which makes him the fifth Ranger to have consecutive 100 RBI seasons. We had a couple more home runs this game, one was from Kevin Mench, and the other was one from Mark DeRosa which was most definitely wind assisted. DeRosa has done a nice job this past week. I’m not sure if he fits in for 2006, but for the remainder of this season anyway, he seems to be doing his job well.
Edison Volquez pitches today for the first time ever as a Ranger. I bet Jamey Newberg is more excited than he probably is letting on. :)
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