G119: Topes Win! Topes Win! Topes Win! (Rangers win 3-0)

Last week when I got mad and said I wasn’t going to do any more updates until the Rangers won, I figured it would be two or three more games. Maybe four. NOT EIGHT! It appeared I flew my “I give up” banner at the right time, because right after that, the bottom fell out, and our season was over. There’s been griping about management by our top players, both privately and publicly, apparently. That’s not good. Michael Young made the quote “I want to play for a winner”. Uh-oh. It’s getting really ugly, folks.
However, last night the ship was righted, if at least for just one night. Chris Young pitched the way he is supposed to – 8 innings of 2 hit shutout ball. Cordero came in, and got a no doubt save. We got just enough offense for the win. It was a very crisply played game. Looked good. Outcome was good. Too bad we didn’t have more of these.
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