G108: Rangers lose to Orioles on Friday, 10-5

Mark Teixeira had a home run, his 29th of the season. So did Hank Blalock. So did Alfonso Soriano. So did Mark DeRosa for cryin out loud! All five of our runs came on the longball. Was a power night, although with a power night sometimes comes not much else. Which is the case, because outside of the home runs, we had just three other hits in the entire game. Most of this off of Bruce Chen, a journeyman who seems to have found some consistency with Baltimore, not unlike John Wasdin with us.
But that’s not really the story of the game. Why did we lose this one? Oh yeah, C.J. Wilson really stunk up the joint. I mean, we’ve had some bad pitching this year, but wow, that was a steaming pile of… well, you know. His line was 2.2 innings pitched, 9 hits, 8 earned runs, two walks, no strikeouts. That’s just positively atrocious. James Baldwin also gave up two runs, but over 4 plus innings, which isn’t too awful. However, the surprise of the night was Steve Karsay, who went two innings, giving up nothing in his Ranger debut. That’s something we need to see more of out of the pen.
We also put Mark Holtz & John Wetteland into the Rangers HOF this night. As per usual, local TV coverage totally botched it and didn’t show us the ceremony. We saw pieces of it, but they cut away in the middle of people talking. Once again, local TV management needs to be shot, as I don’t need to hear how Ford is the Best in Texas, and I don’t need to hear how Dodge things I should be grabbing life by the horns. I should be watching the pre-game ceremony, you twits!
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